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Quality and Service

MATEN GROUP FACTORIES vision is to provide, in line with our vision, the sustainability of our quality management system which has been established with the aim of creating the ultimate values for our customers in accordance and compliance with any international standards, and is based on the actual data. .

  • We are caring to deliver on time
  • Quality is starting at the selection of raw materials.
  • And Quality is main structure of all production process.

We believe to be happy and succesfull together with our partners/distributors/clients and last users.


The fundamental mission of MATEN GROUP FACTORIES. is, with its 36 year experience, the quality in production, and the experience, productivity and harmonizion in human resources, and the unconditional customer satisfaction not finishing with the sales according to its marketing policy, and the respect to human and environment, and the investment to advanced technology as well as the innovation and dynamism..

MATEN GROUP FACTORIES is being to create the portfolio of costumers trusting in our brand name in Turkey as well as in the World by meeting the expectations of the sector without making any concessions on our quality. To make contributions to the Turkish economy thanks to our exports while we are fulfilling our instructional and social responsibilities and liabilities..