MATEN GROUP -fruit juices has started the production with 5 unique tastes. In order to cover the increasing market demand, product range was expanded with the addition of 100% fruit juices with the ‘Fruit Drops’ brand. With a continous expansion of the product portfolio by the R&D activities, Drops products are present in both domestic and international markets with 18 different tastes in 200 ml and 1000 ml tetra and glass bottles. MATEN GROUP is also making Private Label Production for numerous companies with several options attractive tetra and glass bottles. Private Label Fruit Juice production can be made with both conventional and organic fruits according to customer’s request..

You can watch our company facilities and production process which has released in local media .

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    • 18.000sqmeter closed area for production of Juice and Concentrates
    • 12.000sqmeter closed area for production of Edible Oils.
    • 26.000sqmeter closed area for production of Home Furnitures and shop fitting manufacturing facilities.
    • more than 158 heavy machines and heavy trucks for contruction faclities.
    • 12.000sqmeter closed area for fabric weaving, 7.000sqmeter closed area for fabric dyeing and finishing process.
    • 7.000 sqmeter closed area for Textile Garments and faclities.
    • 60.000 sqmeter closed area for General Stocks and Warehouse Area.
    • Mining Plants for IRON ORE and MANGANESE more than 250.000sqm open area.

    Total of open area is around 612.000 sqmeter. .